Thursday, February 18, 2016

Buharinomics is Working

I can see why former President Jonathan could oversee the most odious looting of the treasury with the way Nigerians are reacting to the current state of the economy. The Buhari government has made it clear that it is determined to wean us off importation and what this means for a country that imports virtually everything from eggs to toothpicks is that people will feel the pain initially.

However,  the Buhari government's economic policy of stifling frivolous imports and not officially sanctioning the devaluation of the naira is working as the manufacturing industry is beginning to grow.  There is evidence for this assertion here and

The same with agriculture

Yes,  there are initial pains but if Nigerians support the government and stop the addiction for imported items,  we will be on the way to long-lasting and sustainable economic growth and development.

Despite the problems with the budget which proper scrutiny from the National Assembly can help address,  it still has a large focus on infrastructure development that will benefit the economy and citizens in the middle to long term.

Our duty as citizens is to look at ways of helping to make things better as the government fights corruption and implements structural reform of our economy not to whine about not being able to continue our destructive habits of wasteful spending and unnecessary importation for temporary gain.

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