Monday, February 1, 2016

How A Lamp Could Save Nigeria's Economy

Nigeria is currently experiencing an economic crisis that is making it difficult to finance her budget and the central bank is trying every trick in the book to strengthen the naira which is experiencing a free-fall at the parallel market in comparisons to the dollar and other major international currencies like the euro and pound.

One of the problems which the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the federal government have pointed-out to Nigerians is that we import practically everything from toothpicks to eggs, from petrol to cars. This means the country is not earning enough dollars to give the naira strength when the price of crude oil Nigeria's major source of income has fallen drastically to an average of $30 per barrel.

Monetary policy has shifted towards banning imports of items not considered essential for the manufacturing sector of the economy and it is therefore quite refreshing to see Nigerians beginning to manufacture electric lamps locally even if the finishing can be better. As you can see the product is made of plastic and LED bulbs powered by batteries.

Millions of dollars are spent on importing lamps especially from China each year. Hence, this effort is appreciated and should be supported. The more locally-produced goods and services we consume,, the better for us and our country.

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