Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nairaland Has Been Taken Over by Petty Anarchists

Nairaland is meant to be Nigeria's largest online forum and as such is expected to be a mirror of the Nigerian society in large part.

Having been a regular participant on the forum for a few years but being largely inactive for the past one year, I find it curious that practically every thread on front page in recent times is taken-over by hateful people that incite division, violence, ethno-religious conflict and in recent times coup plotting.

While the owner of Nairaland nay feign ignorance, I am sure that the relevant authorities will not do the same.

Freedom of expression has limitations within the confines of the law, people should not be allowed to constantly preach hate and encourage violence.

I ceeated a thread to express this same concerns on Nairaland but in line with the forum owner's style of management, it was quickly removed.

Time will tell if my warning is justified or Seun Osewa's laissez-faire attitude to the peace and security of Nigeria is the best for us as a people.

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