Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Facebook Opens Area 404 Lab to Develop Its Hardware

We have always known Facebook as the social networking website that has literally changed the world. However, we have not really seen the company try really hard to make its own hardware in a way that Amazon and Google have done. True it sells Oculus Virtual Reality headsets but those would stilll be available had the company not been bought by Facebook.

Image result for Area 404
Inside Area 404

This is about to change with the creation of Area 404 which is the name given to the Facebook's new hardware lab. The name is from the internal joke within Facebook caused by the fact that its engineers previously did not have an appropriate facility to test their hardware ideas. Just like the 'error 404' message you see when you are trying to visit a website that cannot be found.

It will be interesting to see what devices Facebook comes up with in the near future if any at all.

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