Monday, October 3, 2016

What I Learnt About the 100 Naira Note Today

I discovered something interesting about the 100 Naira note today. It actually has a QR code embedded in it which leads to a website when scanned.

However, the website seems to be still under construction as can be seen here.

It would be nice if the website as information like the history of Nigeria, the Naira and Chief Obafemi Awolowo whose portrait it has.

The use of new technology is a great way to enhance security and share information. We should leverage on this and apply it more to other aspects of our life in Nigeria.


  1. Hi Abdulkabir,

    Neat! I've not heard of a bank note with a QR code on it. Good ideas too. Lead to a website offering more information about your beautiful country. Sweet publicity. Smart tech. Thanks for sharing brother, and thanks for all of your tweets!


    1. Thanks Ryan for the kind words, l plan to share more useful information soon.

  2. Nigeria government is not doing well this 100 naira is nothing in nigeria now we can't get anything with 100 beira again in this country

  3. Long life My nation, long life My CBN


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