Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How About Having a Nice Getaway for the Family?

Taking time out to be with your family not only serves to strengthen family bonds, it is an opportunity to keep the mind fresh and get some inspiration for work.

Having a good work and life balance has been proven to be a major factor in the success of marriages and happiness in the family.

Most workers plan a leave from work to spend some quality time with their family, however a portion of them end up postponing into the next year.

The year is raging into the end of year celebrations and you still have not had your family vacation.

It’s not too late to organize a Obudu ranch vacation: this resort is renowned for its hospitality and rich cuisines.

Visitors from Abuja and Lagos usually skip the long road trip by booking flights to the Margaret Ekpo International Airport (CBQ).

Located near the Nigeria-Cameroon border, Obudu is readily accessible through the Katsina Ala Adikpo Obudu Road and Vande Ikya - Abanliko Road.

While the Obudu mountain resort is perceived as the star attraction in Obudu, the town features several tourist attractions like the world’s longest cable cars which run from the mountain top to the resort.

Besides its beautiful mountain-area and countryside views, the community has leisure hubs like the Akpos playground and Ushies playground.

Below are some simple tips on enjoying your Obudu end of year vacation.

Pre-arranged airport pick-up: The area surrounding the Margaret Ekpo International Airport (CBQ) is usually swarmed with street vendors and local taxi drivers looking for a bargain.

Making a transport  arrangement  for your family  ensures you are not left haggling with local touts; instead, make use of  an online booking apps to get a taxi.

Alternatively, you can call your hotel in Obudu, to check for availability of airport pickup services.

Explore Obudu:

Obudu is packed with attraction and activities that keep tourist coming back, visitors to the Obudu mountain resort always miss out one activity or the other.

Popular obudu activities include:

  • Airplane field views
  • Cable car rides
  • Hiking trails
  • Touring becheve Nature Reserve
  • Camping
  • Bird watching
  • Mountain biking
  • Horseback riding

Avoid “help” from strangers: While you will not be traveling alone, avoid help from suspicious source for your family’s sake.

It begins while dragging your luggage through the airport; a lot of unknown people offer you help or enticing deals for services.

You should avoid being pressed to make quick decisions but rather take your time to locate the appropriate authorities.

We would also encourage you to avoid creating a bottleneck, avoid drawing attention to yourself and always ask questions.

 If you feel uncomfortable or lost, try contacting a uniformed police officer or big store owner (in a open place) to get directions.

Obudu is a unique destination that offers a conducive environment where unforgettable experiences are created. Looking back your family will welcome this time-out and love you for it.

Well what do you think? This was sent-in by my friends at Jumia Travel.

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