Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How the Written Word and Photography Work Together for Incredible Brand Exposure

By Isabella Foreman

You have probably heard how the whole search engine optimization thing works and what tactics you need to use in order to gain more online visibility. The important thing to remember there is that there are no shortcuts, and that you must supply quality content in order to rank as high as you would like. Quality content applies to everything you do, your product, your articles, your photos, your videos, your customer service, etc.
If you are not sure why you need to insist on it so much, the following article is here to help you understand. We will focus on written content and photography and we’ll explain how they work together to increase your brand awareness.
What it means to have quality written content
Quality written content needs to be liked and shared, and it needs to show some valuable insight and be entertaining at the same time. The correct term that is used to describe quality content is 10X  and it means that anything new your create needs to be 10 times better than everything created before.
Of course, it’s never supposed to be exactly 10 times better; the more precise term would be 2X, but the point is, in order for content to be regarded as quality content, it needs to be unique, and it needs to be better, so that people can actually learn something that was not available online before.
Once you manage to bring something insightful and revolutionary, people will notice you, and you’ll become more and more popular. Or will you? In order to be noticed, you need to appear on many places online and hope that the fire will spread.
What does it mean to have quality photography?
Quality photography (best photo editing services by SmartPhotoEditors) means that it is created by a high definition camera; it means that the photo was edited and improved using a certain piece of software, and it needs to send a message. A professional and artistic photo needs to have a subject or a point that it is trying to exemplify, and if you use professional photography as a part of your written content, the text itself will be far more memorable.
Additionally, there are many platforms that love to share professional photos, so if you use them in your content, the links will lead back to your articles and your website, which means more visitors and better visibility. Basically, photography can be a powerful motivator for sharing  your quality content and it can ensure that it is seen by the right people. Therefore, it’s essential to the whole process.  
How to combine them
Combining these two is quite easy; you simply look for the photo or create a photo that is exemplifying the message of your sub headings. Each image can tell a story, and you need to find those that can “speak” exactly what you are writing about, so that your whole peace can have this element of completeness.
Think about networks like BuzzFeed; some of the most popular content is just pictures and subheadings, there’s nothing more that is required. Images are storytellers on their own, if used in the correct context.
Hopefully, you will use this information to increase your brand awareness. Remember to use quality photography and images that are an embodiment of something, and to generate quality written content as well. If you manage to do this, you’ll perform exceptionally great.

Isabella Foreman is a content writer by profession and enjoys writing on travel, photography, home improvement, and cooking. She spends her off-work time with family and travel to explore new places!


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