Sunday, May 14, 2017 Launched for Professionals to Meet and Network

JarusHub is Nigeria’s No.1 Career,  Mentoring and Management organization and our experience shows us that there is a huge gap in terms of having a platform where professionals can meet,  network and interact with their colleagues. It is even worse for students and aspiring professionals who lack quality information and guidance from those already in the industries they seek to enter on what the requirements, positives and challenges of such professions are.

This vacuum is what our brand new website, is here to fill and it is set to do more:

✔Are you a high-flying professional on top of your career?

✔Are you a struggling professional?

✔Are you an entry level staff?

✔Are you an entrepreneur?

✔Are you blue collar professional?

✔Are you self-employed?

✔Are you a corper?

✔Are you a consultant?

✔Are you a politician?

✔Are you a student?

✔Are you an organization looking to recruit bright minds or just receive feedback on your products and services? is here for you to meet other professionals and people of like minds; mentor others, be mentored. Promote your services,  learn new skills, get up-to-date information, interact with mature minds.

All these and more are what is about.

Please register and share this message with your online contacts across social media.

We have built this community for you, it's time to benefit from it.

Do you have suggestions for us?  Click on our suggest improvements section and post your questions and suggestions there. ... Where the Hottest Professionals Meet and Network


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  2. What course can I study with this weac results
    Commerce E8
    Marketing A1
    Christian religious studies C5
    Government A1
    Civic education B2
    English C5
    Maths A1
    Agricultural science B2

  3. What course can I study with this waec results as a commercial student
    Commerce B3
    Financial accounting E8
    Book keeping C6
    Economics C6
    Civic education B3
    English language B3
    Yoruba B3
    Mathematics B2
    Agricultural science B2


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