Thursday, June 1, 2017

How to Search With an Image on Google

Google is so popular as a search engine that it has become a verb in English language meaning to search for information online.

But do you know you can actually search for images and not just text? I am sure you might have wondered what that car you saw the other day is called or what that strange fruit is?

You don't have to keep wondering, just snap it and then go to Google Images, drag the picture from the location you have saved it and put it into the browser. Alternatively, click on the camera icon and upload the image into the search bar. 

Google will automatically upload it and give you the information it has on the picture with similar images to it. 

This is really cool, you should try it out. 


  1. I've Been Trying This For A While Now. Thanks For Sharing

    You Know The Internet Is Really Filled With Great Stuff And Tools That Could Either Make You Or Break You.

  2. Pretty freaking neat. I never know you can do an image search. Fab to know. Thanks much A :)



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