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Tips to Optimize Human Relations at Work

Today, there is no doubt that the success of any business comes through its employees and teamwork. The literature on the mobilization and development of human capital is exhaustive.

The nodal point behind all this is that any individual in a company, regardless of position, function or level of management, must maintain human relationships at work and that these relationships define his experience as well as his performance. professional. The success of any business depends on success in a team, and a team is a group of individuals in relation to each other.

So, how do we get the most out of our relationships at work? Here are some tips to follow! Zoetalentsolutions.

Role of managers in human relations at work?

Understand oneself, to better understand one's dynamics with the other

Every human being looks and analyzes the world and others with his own glasses, according to his perception of the world. The reality perceived by every individual is his own and there will always be a difference between his own, that of another, and reality. There are as many perceptions of the same reality as there are individuals!

In order to better understand one's relationships with others, it is essential to start with self-awareness, to understand how we influence our human relationships with others, our respective responsibilities in the dynamics of our human relationships.

The avenues are vast to get to know each other better, and it is sometimes the work of a lifetime. A good start would be to better understand one's own personality using a psychometric test to detect our natural behaviors, which will come to the surface in everyday situations at work.

Understand the other through active listening

In every human dynamic, there is the "self", but there is also the other and his perception of reality. Active listening is a good tool for understanding the other person as well as their perception of reality. Forget emails and spend quality time with your employees!\

Here are some tips for developing active listening:

1. Exclude one's own preconceptions and any attempt at personal interpretation.
2. To be available and let others express themselves without interrupting.
3. Ask open questions and encourage the other to clarify his thoughts.
4. Taming silences (we can never say enough!).
5. Be attentive to your own non-verbal language and that of the other.
6. Rephrase the words of the other with his own words.
7. Show empathy and kindness.

Manage conflicts optimally

Any manager wishing to improve human relations at work must be concerned about managing conflicts optimally. The literature on the subject is exhaustive!

That being said, at the root of all conflict is a relationship between two people, two perceptions of the same reality, and in order to understand the dynamics, it is important to understand the vision of each of the parties.

Active listening to both parties is an excellent starting point and there are also several ways to better understand the dynamics between two people. Assessing the level of professional complementarity is an excellent way to better understand the dynamics between two people.

Accept, respect and promote diversity

Understanding the other is essential, but then comes acceptance of the other in its diversity. The manager who is able to embrace, respect, and promote diversity will gain greater productivity and competitive advantage for their business.

Wanting to surround ourselves with people who are like us is a natural protective reflex, but opening up to the difference is a wonderful opportunity to learn, to grow and for the benefit of all.

Develop vulnerability and managerial courage

"Vulnerability has a taste for truth and the smell of courage."

Having the courage to be vulnerable as a manager, the courage to be yourself is the cornerstone of inspiring leadership . The time of the manager who knows everything, who has the answer to everything and nothing can shake and a thing of the past.

We are all inspired by genuine people, having the courage to admit their vulnerability, to ask for help, to tell the real things, to tackle problems head on, to build on the strengths of each and everyone, to mobilize others to get involved without fear of being wrong or making mistakes.

To have managerial courage is to say the real things, at the right time and to the right person and to get there, it is more often than not necessary to accept one's own vulnerability.

The following video from Brené Brown on the vulnerability should please you!
Instilling pleasure in human relations at work

Success comes from teamwork and there are few great successes without pleasure and enthusiasm. With that, make room for pleasure, cultivate it in your teams and you will reap the benefits exponentially.

Nobody wants to go beyond without being pleasant! Do you know people who excel at something that does not please them?

Role of the organization in human relations at work

Have a clear vision and share it
For individuals to work together to achieve common goals in business, they need to know where they are going. If vision is blurred, so will the effort.

Share your vision, but also make your employees an integral part of this vision, its development and its application.

If your employees are important, then listen to them!

Have values ​​that reflect the importance of human relationships at work
If you as an employer value teamwork, then make sure that is what is valued in performance evaluation . How many companies evaluate individual performance while forgetting team performance?

The pleasure is important? So, value it! Human relations at work and teamwork are important? So, promote team mobilization activities.  Are your employees important? Find ways to tell them that they are important and invest in their development!
Promoting human relations at work is important, but we must not forget that employees also have out-of-work relationships that are just as important to them.
The majority of your employees need to balance their professional and personal lives to balance work and family. Do not forget, cultivate flexibility and consider your actions.

3. Allow managers the flexibility to manage the needs of employees
If human relations are valued in the company, then it is essential to give managers the flexibility to manage the different needs of their employees.
Some companies have created procedures for all possible eventualities in the management of human relations at work. Nevertheless, we are all unique and our relationships with others are also unique. Your organization must therefore provide the necessary tools and training for managers while allowing them the freedom to manage this diversity and to exercise judgment ... a rule and a way of doing things can not apply to everyone.

In the end, there is a variety of tools and ways to make the most of human relationships at work! It is important to remember that every human relationship is imbued with our subjective perception of reality, but also with the subjective perception of the other. Basically, we are essentially people in relation to other people: it is therefore essential to know ourselves better to better understand how we influence our human relationships at work with others, to understand each other and to understand the dynamics that unite us to improve collaboration in a constructive way.


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