Saturday, November 28, 2020

Register on Payoneer to Expand Your Income Generation Prospects Online

Payoneer is a great way to make and receive payments online 

Are you looking to get paid for your products and services across the world and even locally in Nigeria? You might want to consider the international payment platform called Payoneer. Payoneer has been around for a while and has been facilitating transactions since 2005 when it is founded. The company provides services in over 200 countries and territories with over 4 million customers using it. The following companies are some of the international brands that use it as part of their means of payment.

Some Companies that Use Payoneer for Payment

1.  Airbnb

2. Amazon

3. Google

4. Upwork

5.  Rakuten

6. Walmart


8.  Fiverr

9. Envato

10. Clickbank.

This list is not exhaustive and there are several other companies that use payoneer to make payments. 

I am sure you are wondering how do you get your cash in your pocket after getting paid through payoneer? 

Let's dive into it;

How to Get Your Money from Payoneer

1. Withdraw through Payoneer Mastercard Debit Card

Payoneer allows its users to apply for a debit card from Mastercard that you can transfer your earnings to. This will work in Mastecard enabled ATMs for withdrawal for you to get your money, charges apply though.

2. Transfer to Your Local Bank Account

You have the option to transfer your funds to your local bank account in your local currency and charges as well as exchange rates variations may apply. 

Alternatively, you also have the option of making payments for products and services online through payoneer. 


While it is through that there are many means to send and receive payments online, it is a good idea to add Payoneer to your online transactions mix as it gives advantages like flexibility, security and ease of payment that is not easy to match. 

If you are interested, you can started by clicking here

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