Saturday, June 12, 2021

My Uber story and how you can start yours

If I say I have many ogas, it is not an exaggeration because I work with so many people and institutions. Some have been dropped over the years and some are still active. Our levels of engagement vary from director, consultant, partner, recruiter and so on.

I recognized over a decade ago that I am not the type of person you will give one job and try to control like an automaton. The oga that tried it about 13 years ago was dancing in his seat the day I told him I was leaving. Apparently, nobody had told him the things I had politely told him that night, no one else probably will.

I digress, this post is really about the e-taxi business. The last 10 years has seen us move from corporate coloured cabs to ride-sharing platforms. I partnered with Indriver as a recruiter in 2019 and it gave me so many insights into the business. Even after they stopped paying me for my services, I kept helping people to address the problems they were having getting on their platform -- for free. We are talking about taking about 10 calls plus multiple WhatsApp messages on some days. I did this for primarily 2 reasons:

1. To know the business to a point of being relevant in the industry.

2. As a form of personal social responsibility -- every person I help to get on the platform has dependants they can better-provide for with the job. If you can add value to others without detriment to yourself, do it.

Now, the thing about adding value to others is that it builds authority and authority attracts value to you. It happened that some representatives of Uber saw what I do and decided to contact me to do it for them. My response? "Why not gentlemen?".

So, in the last few weeks we did our onboarding and I am pleased to let you know that I am officially a recruiter for Uber.

Driver I helped register giving feedback on approval

My job is to identify interested and potential drivers to join the platform and help them start successfully. This is at my own time and pace within what is acceptable to Uber.

So, dear friends, if you or anyone have a car that qualifies and are ready for Uber, you can contact me. Call or WhatsApp 08085404500. I am ready to help you get started on your Uber journey.


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