Saturday, May 7, 2022

Are You Going to Allow N500 Prevent You from Being Successful?

We all want to be successful and live a comfortable life where we can enjoy the good things with our family and friends but many of us do not take action. Would you like to know how you can effectively change your life for the better -- right here, right now in Nigeria?

My name is Abdulkabir Olatunji and I am a tech enthusiast and my enthusiasm has seen me work for companies like Uber, Indriver and others I am not allowed to mention for confidentiality. This is aside from being a Google Certified Project Manager and an Associate of the Nigerian Institute of Management (AMNIM). I am also a co-founder and COO of which is Nigeria’s leading career guidance and mentoring platform – we have trained thousands of young Nigerians to excel in their career.

Over the years, I have noticed a huge gap between the dreams of young Nigerians and the steps they are taking to achieve them. Sure, millions graduate from Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education each here. Yes, many seek admission and travel abroad to study and hopefully get to live a better life abroad. Of course, many just hustle to Japa to Canada, Yankee and others. Japa na Japa!

However, these form a minute percentage of the majority of young Nigerians and I won’t get into the debate about whether those that have Japa are always successful or not. My focus is on HOW YOU CAN MAKE A GOOD LIFE FOR YOURSELF IF YOU ARE IN NIGERIA. My reason for this is simple, I am Nigeria-based and the information I am willing to share with you will open your eyes to ways you can live comfortably in Nigeria and if you can live comfortably in Nigeria, you can live comfortably anywhere in the world you decide to relocate to. Just make it here first to avoid stories that touch.

So, what do I have for you?

Imagine you could find out the following:

  • How to get training from big tech companies for big jobs for free

  • How you can build a successful career without a university degree or tertiary education using tech
  • How to retain your career and maintain a thriving side hustle using tech
  • How to build a successful business using tech
  • How to help your children or younger ones become very successful quickly using tech
  • How to reduce your stress and achieve cool work-life balance using tech

  • How to get into the tech industry with no experience

Remember the roles I mentioned that I hold? You might not believe it but I can do all of them working from home. In fact, sometimes it is more productive to work from home than go to the office. Some companies will even tell you not to come. My health and lifestyle has improved greatly with this flexibility and freedom while still earning a good income often better than those doing traditional 9-5 work.

Dear reader, in this post Covid-19 era, it is those that adapt quickly to change that will benefit from it the most. Those that don’t will struggle and will still have to leave their job someday even if it is through retirement.

I have compiled most of what I know in my eBook titled: How to Make it Big with the Big Global Tech Companies in Nigeria

This is a straightforward e-book with several links to so many great opportunities you cannot afford to miss out on. I have been selling this book for N1,200 on Selar previously but I have had a mind shift after completing Ramadan and Eid. I want to help more people, the more people I help, the more blessings I can expect from God too.

People paying N1,200 for this eBook

So, instead of N1200, I am going to sell it, right here, right now for N500. Yes, you read right if you pay right now to my bank account:

Olatunji Abdulkabir Olajide

Send me the screenshot of payment via WhatsApp on 08085404500. I will send this life-changing book  to you via email or WhatsApp, whatever you decide.

Buyer's reaction after reading the ebook

There’s probably a voice there telling you not to buy or make payment – don’t listen to it. Do not allow N500 get in the way of your success. This opportunity might never come your way again. As the popular adage goes-
Opportunity Only Comes But Once.

This my good mood won’t last forever. Act Now!

I look forward to hearing from you my friend and share in your success and testimonies in the near future.

Let us succeed together!


  1. I got the book for 1200 naira and I must say that if it is sold 10,000 naira it worths more than that. Now you are selling 500 naira. Are you for real sir?

    1. It's for real, I just decided to let more people access the information. The more people that benefit the better. Books are for reading, the more readers, the greater impact you have as a writer.

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