Monday, April 25, 2022

How to Make Money by Getting Onboard Uber as a Dispatch Rider or Logistics Company in Nigeria

Uber Connect allows people to send and receive parcels and small packages

Uber is rapidly transitioning globally from just being an eTaxi app and business to a mobility solutions provider. One of such solutions, Uber Connect was launched recently in Nigeria and logistics companies and dispatch riders have an opportunity to increase their earnings by getting onboard Uber by registering with the company to start receiving delivery requests which they in turn deliver to earn their fee. 

Documents You Need to Get Registered 

In order for the Driver to take trips on the Platform, he/she will need the following:

 Driver documents

  • Rider card
  • NIN OR Drivers License to prove the Date of birth
  • Profile Photo
  • NIPOST document ( if not acquired through a fleet)

Fleet Partner Documents 

  • NIPOST document  (in colour)

Vehicle Documents

  • Insurance 
  • Stage Carriage
  • Hackney Permit
The great thing about this service is that logistics/delivery companies with NIPOST registration and certification can onboard all the riders on their platforms thereby increasing their revenue and profitability. Uber charges a very small percentage for its service which is currently 5%. This is a great opportunity for smart managers and owners in the logistics business to get an edge. 

Getting Registered
You can do this easily by visiting the Uber office in Lagos or contacting one of the Uber Heroes designated to help you complete the process. I am one of the Uber Heroes in Lagos and you can contact me via WhatsApp or phone call on 08085404500 to get registered for FREE. 


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