Wednesday, December 29, 2021

My Story: How to Make it Big with the Big Global Tech Companies in Nigeria


Earlier in December 2021, I completed my Google Project Management Certification. It's actually 6 certificates in one and allows me to compete to manage any project -- from your wedding to constructing a new Island or building the Metaverse. All are projects and our teachers are Google staff. Not quite Harvard but great stuff.

Was it tough to complete? Well, you have to be focused and motivated. This way, it's a lot easier and it's not something you can't understand.

Google has other professional certifications too and they are designed to make you a 21st century ready professional.

These and other opportunities exist for those willing to act on information.

My eBook detailing these and other opportunities for Nigerians especially is now available. Don't come on social media and whine all day about lack of opportunities, you can begin to improve your life, right here, right now!

Take action, move forward with your life by getting this straightforward no time-wasting guide with links to life-changing opportunities you can access in Nigeria or other parts of the world.

You can get my eBook for a discounted price of N1,200 before it goes up to N1,500 (my preferred price). I will also throw-in my Blogging guide for free to encourage you and invest in you because you are investing in yourself.

Reach me on WhatsApp via +2348085404500 to discuss more.




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  1. That's very generous, thanks :)
    I'd be happy if you'd visit my website, sir.


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