Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Let Me Give You a Solution if You Don't have a Car to Start Uber in Nigeria

You don't have a car for Uber? No problem, this post is most likely what you need.

eTaxi is a job from the gig economy that many people are entering because it is relatively easy to enter and fast to make decent money from. 

However, many young people have a major hurdle which is not having a car to start working with. This situation became worse a few years ago when a lot of fleet owners left some of the platforms due to increased commissions. 

There is hope though, Moove Africa, transportation startup in affiliation with Uber is giving out cars to drivers that have valid license and have been registered and approved by Uber. Of course, not every candidate that applies gets a car but for those who do, there is the option of working on rental or hire purchase. 

Let us look a bit more about these options:

Moove Flexi-Rental

As the name suggest, this is a rental arrangement. You pay Moove a weekly rental fee to drive a new car on Uber. 

Moove Drive-To-Own

With this package, you sign-up to a payment plan to complete the agreed price of the vehicle in 30, 36 or 48 months. Of course, there are terms and conditions attached and both sides have to agree to this hire purchase arrangement.

Depending on your objectives or financial capacity, one of these options might be good for you. The good news if you are interested is that I am an Uber Hero (Brand Ambassador) and I can begin the process of you getting registered on Uber if you contact me. 

I can be reached via WhatsApp or phone call on 08085404500.

Please note that this opportunity is currently only available in Lagos. I will update you if it is extended to other Nigerian cities. 

Honestly, if you have not employment and can drive, this is an opportunity you should not ignore. All the best in your endeavours and as you try to make ends meet.


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