Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Is Blogging Still Worth Doing?

There’s been a lot of confusion over what exactly a blog actually is. This confusion also extends to many people asking if it is still worthwhile to create a blog nowadays. The simple answer would be a resounding YES!

But let’s dissect the answer a bit deeper...

First of all, what is a blog? A blog is a website specifically created to publish content (most often in the form of posts) that are arranged chronologically. This is in contrast to a news site where the content is arranged by date but typically contains no other posts besides those posted at the top of the home page. With a blog or web log, the content is all in chronological order. Each post also contains its own permanent URL address so that readers can reference the blog post in plain text format indefinitely without having to rely on a search engine since all blog posts are indexed individually via the search engines. That “permanent” link is called an “archive link” or “permalink.” Unlike old websites where published content was static in the sense that it was not being updated, blogs are updated all the time as new blog entries are added over a period of time.

Another unique feature of blogs is that its content can be modified in real time (known as “live editing”) as it is being read. For example, if a blog author wants to change some content as they type their article, they can do so by clicking “edit” at the top of the screen (usually located next to the Publish button) and then make the changes they want to that particular blog entry. Once done, they can click the Save button and the changes will be immediately applied to the entry. This feature also makes blogs better candidates for SEO (search engine optimization) because they can have links directed to their content right from the keywords that are being searched in the search engines and are more visible to searchers because of that. Plus, unlike a static web page where it can only be modified after publishing, bloggers have the ability to update their web pages as they are writing them providing more opportunities for inbound links to their websites by including links to other websites pages within the content of the articles they are writing, as well as their own other websites. This also helps increase the overall domain authority of a website which is very important for SEO purposes. Domain authority is a metric that is used to rank websites based on the number and quality of incoming links to a particular website from other websites – the higher the number and quality of the incoming links, the higher the rank of the website in the search engine rankings.

Blogs are also useful if you want to promote any offer on a website you have without the distractions of distracting graphics on your web page which can get in the way of your website visitors to read the content you consider important.

Ultimately, you can make your blog and effective marketing tool for yourself as a professional or business owner. The amount of effort you put into it might go a long way to decide the kinds of benefit you derive from it. Therefore, you are only limited by yourself in terms of what you can achieve with blogging and it is definitely worth it at this point and is likely to remain so for a very long time. 


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