Friday, May 24, 2019

How to Book Your Place as a Driver on InDriver in Nigeria and Get Approved in 3 Hours

There is a new e-hailing/mobile taxi app taking the world and Africa by storm, it is called InDriver. I am going to teach you how to book your place quickly as a driver in Nigeria before the process becomes cumbersome.

You need to pay attention properly please.

STEP 1: Download the InDriver app from Playstore or Appstore for Apple

Passengers and drivers will be using the same app. No need to be asking for driver's app. Nothing like that. Just one app.

STEP 2: Register as a passenger

This step is required of everybody including drivers. You will need to submit your active phone number. You will get a confirmation code. Enter it in the app and get confirmed.

At this stage, you should send a text with your name and phone number to 08085404500 saying you have been confirmed on the app.

This step is very important. This will allow me log you into the database manually for drivers. Don't proceed to driver registration on the app without it.

I will confirm that I have manually logged you in the database ASAP.

STEP THREE: Click on driver's online registration
Here you would be asked for all the relevant documents from InDriver.

For Nigeria (Lagos For Now)

You Should Have all of These
✓Car model must be 2000 or newer
✓Car must have Lagos vehicle license
✓Driving with Uber or Bolt(Taxify) with an active profile OR Has a PCC specimen documents ( Police Character certificate).

Photo information required

1. Photo of the vehicle from the front
2. Photo of Lagos vehicle license
3. Photo of driver's licence (front side)
4. Photo of you holding your driver's licence.
5. Screenshot of Uber or taxify profile OR Photo of police character certificate.

STEP 4: Upload your documents

Some of the documents require taking a picture, some require uploading from your phone's memory card or internal memory. Upload them all, if you don't your application will not be approved.

STEP 5: Input Referral Code for Quick Approval

This code will help you get approved quickly because it links you to a person not just a computer program. Input this code: 10351

Click on submit.

Wait for about an hour before trying to go online. Once you are able to go online, you have been approved. If not, just be patient.


The price you see from the passenger is what you will get paid regardless of traffic or distance. Therefore, only accept trips whose price you like.

Alternatively, you can respond to the passenger by bidding higher, this means you want a higher price to take the trip. But mind you, if another driver accepts the passengers fare, the system will automatically select that driver. Drivers close to the passenger's location would have the same information as you.

I am an official recruiter for InDriver and I work across borders but I have a special interest for my fellow Nigerians.

Let's do this guys.

For other Africans in these countries, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Uganda, you can contact me as well.

Any questions, contact me on 08085404500 especially via WhatsApp.

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