Monday, October 8, 2012

Clevenard Farm Food & Fisheries is Looking for Sales Commission Agents

 We are looking to expand our already successful Marketing network by employing some people who are self motivated, entrepreneurial, and looking to set up a second profit centre. Whilst no promises are made, because in the end your success depends on you, if you are in the market for an extra income, and are a person who believes in free enterprise then contact us by filling the form online.

Imagine this: Earn money everytime someone you know makes a phone call to you, Talks to you on facebook, twitter or Blackberry. Do you know you can be one of our maketers online and will make lots of money.

Let create a financial satety business opportunities for you and your family. We do not pay a base salary,we pay on a commission basis only. Our commission is a payment based on the amount of sales an employee makes.

Our Commission is usually based on a percentage of total sales, so the more sales made, the more money the employee takes home. You must realize that if you do not close a sale, you will not get paid for you time.
We will Provide you with top-rate sales training as well as industry training.

A thorough education in both is essential in order for you to close sales more successfully.

We will Provide you with a motivational speaker who is also a sales expert from clevenard to come talk to you in a personal setting.

We will Allow you to ask detailed questions of the expert and participate in hypothetical sales scenarios to test your knowledge.

We will observe you during sales calls or meetings with potential clients to see where you need to improve. Coach you and assist you in your first few calls/online to help you get the hang of closing a sale.

Motivate you with positive feedback and recognition. If you working in our office we will provide you with the items needed to accomplish your goals as you work at the office so you don’t have to spend your own money. making sales calls , buy you lunch and drink to keep you going. we will ensure that the office is the right temperature so that you will be comfortable.

Learn more about this job and apply here.

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