Friday, May 24, 2013

Eminem Sues Facebook over Alleged Copyright Infringement

Eminem has sued Facebook for what he believes is copyright infringement on one of his songs, I guess we could see him rapping in court soon...

Eminem Sues Facebook For Their Use Of A Song Thought To Be Produced By Dr. Dre

Eminem and Eight Mile Style LLC are suing Facebook due to what they believe was the social networking site's unlawful use of the Eminem and D12 record "Under The Influence."

The popular social networking site Facebook has been hit with a lawsuit from Eminem and his publishing company Eight Mile Style LLC due to what is believed to be the unlawful use of the Detroit rapper and D12’s collaboration “Under The Influence.”

According to, the lawsuit states that Facebook posted a Wieden + Kennedy ad, which promoted their new Facebook Home app and in the ad the music used is believed to be “Under The Influence.” An altered version of the ad was then released, but according to the lawsuit the edit was then taken as Facebook’s acknowledgement of the unapproved use of Eminem and D12’s song.

“The alteration of the Airplane advertisement was an admission that Facebook knew it had infringed on the Eminem/D12 Composition,” states the lawsuit.

Ironically, Eminem’s lawsuit states that Facebook and Wieden + Kennedy’s response to the cease and desist order, which was initially placed, called out Dr. Dre although the mega-producer did not produce or have any involvement with “Under The Influence.”

“Counsel falsely and wrongfully alleged that Andre Young, professionally known as Dr. Dre, composed ‘Under the Influence,’” read the lawsuit. “Yet, a simple Internet search of the Eminem/D12 Composition would have revealed that ‘Under the Influence’ was composed by Marshall Mathers, III, and members of D12, including Denaun Porter, Von Carlisle, Ondre Moore, R. Arthur Johnson, and DeShaun Holton. Dr. Dre likewise did not produce ‘Under the Influence.’”

At this time, Eminem and Eight Mile Style LLC are suing Facebook and the company that created the ad for $150,000 per infringement.

Source: Hip Hop Dx

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  1. Wow, what's the problem here?
    Can Eminem temper justice with mercy...


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