Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top 8 Online Shopping Websites in Nigeria

The online market place in Nigeria has grown very quickly especially within the last 3-5 years with more and more people choosing to buy things online rather than go to the physical market. I have done the research and now present to you the top 8 websites for online shopping in Nigeria. These websites offer a wide variety of products ranging from electronics, smartphones, clothes, books, jewelry and much more. I have not listed websites that focus on one product or industry like cars or real estate.

The list is in descending order starting from No.8:

8. is a new website that has offers on eating and hanging out, shopping and gifts, hotels and lodging, beauty and lifestyle, health and body as well as transportation services. It also has a special product called CityCard which gives the holder access to up to 60% discount of some select deals.

7. is a classifieds website allowing individuals and businesses post free adverts in different categories, it has a decent amount of traffic and the adverts posted are quite attractive too.

6. is a popular online store that focuses mainly on clothes and accessories as well as electronic gadgets. You can order and pay for goods online and have them delivered to you for free or pick them up at their office. 

5. is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet to conclude transactions. There is a wide range of products on offer including clothes, electronics and cars. Sellers can sell with fixed prices or via auction.

4. presents deals to its users every day on wide range of items and gives them the chance to enjoy discounts at places whose services they want and are close to them. It also gives users the chance to refer their friends to get certain benefits.

3. is now the leading classifieds website in Nigeria with every one of us encouraged to “sell it”, what exactly?  Virtually anything as long as it is legal. By virtue of the fact that there is a wide array of products to be sold, it is very popular with many buyers.

2. is one of the big 2 websites dominating Nigeria’s online retail market. It has a huge stock of goods for sale, home appliances, phones, books, clothes even recharge cards. You can pay on delivery, online and there is nationwide delivery or you can pick-up your goods yourself.  Goods come at competitive prices, if you are not an “alaroro” (a scrooge), you might be tempted to buy from or its big rival which is the No.1 online retail destination in Nigeria. Can you guess which website it is?

1. is Nigeria’s No.1 online retail website, it is very similar to and in reality there is very little to choose between them. However, it gets top marks for being the first ‘full-blooded’ attempt to sell goods to Nigerians via the Internet. It has a wide range of items on sale including home appliances, smartphones, computers, men and women’s clothes, shoes bags with free delivery in Lagos and Abuja. There is payment on delivery or online and pick-up stations are also available should you prefer them.

There you have it, let me know what you think of my list and the websites by dropping a comment.


  1. I support your article, the online industry in Nigeria is growing at a very fast rate. The good thing about the online websites mentioned above are that you can actually shop on them with a Nigeria Prepaid Card. This gives you a rest of mind that your payment is very secured.

  2. Thank to Sovann Lun, he leads me here. Thank your article. I want to buy a dual monitor mounts and stands for my television. I think it's not easy to buy online because everything is not clear, is it suitable for my TV? By the way, I still need to go to the store or some advice of the shops (If any). Then make a online purchase.

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  4. Great job definitely. Considering the online shopping trend the content you represented to your fabulous fans and readers was able to grab the prompt attention, and true, there are tons of shops online on various niches. May be some are running with the specific target countries like for Australia. Similarly, the top 8 online shopping websites you mentioned for the Nigerian absolutely helpful. This was indeed a great work. Thanks for the share to online. Perhaps all the have mobile ordering solutions app for their customers so that can order easily whenever they want and what one is the reliable best among the top list?

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