Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to Generate Great Business Ideas from Blogging

You can generate bright business ideas from bloging

I have some friends that have great passion for certain hobbies and I am always encouraging them to turn their hobbies into businesses. A business is any legitimate profit-oriented activity and as such your hobby becomes a business when you seek to make money out of it for yourself. 

However, it is not everybody that has it easy getting ideas they actually want to develop into a business. Try as they might, they just do not feel inspired by any business ideas or opportunities suggested to them.
It is very easy for people like me with entrepreneurial spirit to accuse them of not being brave and bold-enough to start a business but the truth is that without having a passion for what you do, any business you start is likely to fail.

The solution I have for this problem is to encourage such people to start a blog. Yes, blogging is hard work for most people especially in terms of generating traffic but if you get the basics such as generating your own content and sharing your posts with relevant communities that would have interest in what you write right; you are likely to get some feedback that will give you indication of where your strengths are and this will help you develop a business you would be happy with.

If you are blogging and sharing your content consistently, you are likely to get 3 types of responses on it:

1. Positive Engagement 

You will get responses from people who like your blog. It may be the design, layout but more importantly your content and personality that they like. What these types of responses tell you are your areas of strength. You should note and build on them because if you keep developing your strengths, you would begin to become an authority in your niche and the more authoritative you are, the more valuable you will become.

2. Negative Feedback

This should be broken into 2 –people who genuinely do not like you, your ideas, opinions, post etc. and Internet trolls who are simply troublemakers. You should study the responses of the former seriously and see if they have valid points that can help you improve as a person and blogger. As for the trolls, remove their offensive comments and ban those who continuously cause trouble. The experience you get from handling negative feedback is important because it lets you know the things you have to change if you want to get people’s attention positively.

3. Enquiries 

These are the responses on your blog that you should really give a lot of attention to if you want to get the best business ideas and opportunities from it. Identify and observe the trends in the types and frequency of questions you get asked on your blog. The most asked questions are what you should identify as a need from people who want answers or solutions to a problem or set of problems. People have asked you as a potential source of answers or solutions for the problems they have based on your blogging. Hence, you are in a strong position to organise yourself and create channels through which you can address those needs at a profit. 

Once, you can achieve this, you are in business. All that is left is for you to fine-tune your processes and build on what works best whilst you avoid repeating costly mistakes.

This process takes a while to mature but if you follow it in a dedicated manner, you can create your own business from blogging even if you are seriously averse to risk-taking which is what entrepreneurship and starting a business is all about. 

Anyone can start a business, you just have to find ideas you are passionate about and blogging is a great way to do this.


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