Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why iROKOtv's Jason Njoku is Wrong About Netflix in Nigeria

Jason Njoku

So, I just read iROKOtv's Co-founder and CEO, Jason Njoku's response to Internet TV streaming service Netflix coming to Nigeria and I think the man is trying not to appear afraid of the competition.

He is claiming Netflix does not do Nollywood and iROKOtv is all about Nollywood. Well,  it is just a matter of time before Netflix starts doing Nollywood and in any case,, time is limited. People cannot watch 2 movies at the same time.

So, it doesn't matter whether the movie is from Mars as long as people are willing to watch it, it is your competition. I am sure DSTV will not have the same dismissive reaction of a very big and powerful rival entering its market although some might wrongly argue they are not in the same business as Netflix.  The fact is they and other similar companies provide content for our enjoyment and to the extent that our time and resources are limited are competitors.

Jason should learn from TV networks around the world that are now suffering from reduced advertising revenue due to the emergence of online platforms like YouTube and Facebook. I am sure the team at iROKOtv internally will agree with me that Netflix coming to Nigeria will have a big impact on them.

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