Friday, March 3, 2017

5 Tips for Keeping Valuables Safe in A Hotel Room

Are you planning a trip and thinking of how to safeguard your valuables in a Nigerian hotel? Whether you are spending time at any of the resorts in Lagos or even the best hotels in Nigeria, the same security tips are applicable. It is always better to limit the amount of valuables you carry when travelling, as this decreases the amount of loss you are likely to suffer if you are unlucky enough to be robbed.

However, if you have to travel out of town with valuables, leaving such items in your hotel room isn't without its own potential risks. From hotel room burglars to occasional dishonest staff member, a number of potential liabilities exist if you keep valuables in your hotel room.

Here's a post on safeguarding your valuables in a Nigerian hotel room.

1.       Use Suitcases with locks:
Carry luggage’s equipped with combination locks or keys during your travel. Lock valuable items inside it and ensure your keys are with you at all times. There is hardly a chance that someone will steal the entire box and get past security. At more secure hotels, use the safety deposit to keep small sized valuable items.

2.       Keep your luggage out of site:
Ensure that all luggage’s without locks are kept out of sight, as you invite tampering when your luggage is open, on your bed or lying on the floor. Re-pack your luggage daily as extensively as you can and keep it inconspicuously hidden in a wardrobe, closet or under the bed to reduce the chances of someone finding it and stealing from it.

3.       Find obscure spots:
Inspect your room for obscure spots where people would hardly search. These are the places in the room where you can hide your valuables from burglars. You can keep your money and any important documents hidden under the carpet corners, pinned between drapes and taped to the bottom-side of your drawers. Choose areas of your hotel room that are not cleaned regularly and avoid keeping all valuables in the same place. Splitting them around the room, makes it less likely to lose all your valuables incase someone finds one of your hiding places.

4.       Avoid inviting strangers into your room:
It is better to spend time with strangers or unacquainted persons in public places. Be selective of whom you invite into your hotel room and gauge the trustworthiness of people before allowing them access into your hotel room.

5.       Use the dnd hotel sign:
When stepping out for the day, put the “Do not disturb sign” hanging on the door and leave the television on, this is to create a false impression that you are in and it discourages uninvited guests from trying to step into your room. It is advisable to invite room service only when you are available to supervise their activities.

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