Tuesday, July 11, 2017

JarusHub and HotProForum Raise Standard for Online Debates in Nigeria

Leading career guidance, mentoring and management company JarusHub and its platform for professionals to meet and network announced the winners of their inaugural online debating competition on Monday evening.

Posting before the announcement was made, CEO of Jarus & JAN Internet Group, Jarus submitted: "The purpose of this debate is to improve the presentation, articulation and research skills of the debaters, who are from our Career Club. You are a group of young students, graduates and early career professionals. You have done very well. I have always been a fan of debate. At the risk of being immodest, I would say if there is anything like being the father of online debate in Nigeria, I deserve it, for far back 8 years ago, I championed organised debates on Nairaland Politics Section, and today, I still receive kudos for such initiative, which was never sustained when I moved on.
I am happy we have a platform to continue this, although the focus will continue to professionalism - not politics. We are building hot professionals here."

The competition was held between the 4 JarusHub Career Clubs (JCC) hosted on WhatsApp.

This set-up the final between JCC 2 and JCC 3 which held last Sunday with the topic: Agriculture is Fundamental to Nigeria's Emergence as a Global Economic Power: Agree or Disagree?

JCC 2 agreed with the motion while JCC 3 disagreed with it.

Both teams of 3 debaters were at their best but after a 24-hour poll, JCC 2 got 32 votes while JCC 3 30 votes. The winners get a free training slot with JarusHub Academy and a certificate of achievement while all members of their Career Club are eligible for Jarus' widely-acclaimed career guidance book, The Road to Victoria Island. The 2nd team also got consolation prizes.

The organizers have promised new innovations that are in line with their ethos of building young professionals and their capacity to deliver in the work place or as entrepreneurs.

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